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  • The Exam Result Dilemma – What Next?

    As the youth of Britain nervously wait for their GCSE and A Level exam results many will be spending their final weeks of uncertainty asking themselves ‘what next?’

    This point in a school leaver’s life usually sees them approaching a fork in the road with a choice to be made between higher education and full time employment.

    However, in an economy that’s recovering at a snail’s pace with soaring university fees and consistently gloomy employment prospects, both paths now seem littered with hurdles and obstacles that make them treacherous under foot for those looking to stumble across a successful career.

    Thankfully there is a third option available to school leavers – many of whom are underqualified in some respects and lacking in experience in others – an...

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    Learner Recruitment Case Study

    Learner Recruitment Case Study

    The recruitment of a new candidate is an integral part of our business and the continues growth and diversity we are seeing. The Engagement team work tirelessly daily to promote new salon vacancies through a number of advertising sources including the National Apprenticeship Service and Get My First Job to find the right candidates and the youth of today who are wanting their first chance in Hairdressing or Barbering Apprenticeship.

    Stacey is a new learner that embodies how well the process from engagement to recruitment works. Stacey applied through the National Apprenticeship Service website for a salon vacancy in Rotherham. All applications come straight through to the Engagement team who screen them first to get all the required information they...

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    Business Advisor Case Study

    Business Case Study

    The Business Advisor role within W Academy forms relationships both with salon owners and learners alike. As the main point of contact for queries and support within recruitment, training and business concerns, each salon is allocated their very own Business Advisor who will ensure all requiremtns and needs are met as promised by W Academy.

    Business development, marketing, account management, Health & Safety and support all form part of the Business Advisor’s role so it is key for them to keep up to date with changes in the industry in a business sense as well as training and eligibility requirements as outlined by the Skills Funding Agency. With dedicated area’s to manage and develop, your Business Advisor’s most common place to be found is on the road,...

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    W Academy Staff Profile : Renata Esposito

    W Academy Staff Profile : Renata Esposito

    Career Background

    W Academy trainers come from varied backgrounds. Some have been self-employed stylists or barbers; some have owned their own salons for a number of years or made a career out of teaching their specific skills. We have those that have been in photography, specialising in hairstyles photo shoots; W Academy also employs people that specialised in delivering key skills while some others were make-up artists. What brings us all together though, is the love and passion we have in wanting to share our skills and knowledge to new generations of Hairdressers.

    Location you deliver in

    W Academy trainers/assessors operate within a wide geographical region, covering West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and beyond. This extends from...

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    W Academy & Education attends Hospitality Show 2013

    It was great…..

    As part of the Hospitality Apprenticeship program a group of W Academy & Education learners attended the Hospitality Show at the NEC on Wednesday 22nd.

    The Hospitality Show is the UK’s largest foodservice and hospitality show in 2013 and was the perfect environment for apprentices to:

    • Experience the hundreds of new products that are showcased by new and established exhibitors alike.
    • Develop a network of new contacts.
    • Source new ideas.
    • Discover the latest designs, trends and innovations.

    The visit to the show also provided the Apprentices the opportunity to research future career pathways within the industry and research knowledge requirements for their Apprenticeship.

    The day was enjoyed thoroughly by all that attended.

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