It’s Never Too Late To Do What’s Right For You

There are three words that most young people fear: ‘Back to School’

Every year, as those in education enjoy their well-earned break, there is quickly a shadow cast over them by supermarkets, stationery stores and sports shops as they gleefully display their ‘Back To School’ offers signage and remind young people that their holiday must come to an end in September as the new term begins.

The notion of education beginning in September is a deep seated one and as schools, colleges and universities reopen their doors and students struggle to remember how handwriting works, it would be easy for those who have not committed to their next step to feel that they have missed the boat for this year and will need to wait twelve months before they can progress.

Thankfully it simply doesn’t need to be like this and at W Academy & Education we welcome applications all year round – meaning that it is never too late to sign up for the work place experience and tailored training approach.

One of the great things about apprenticeships is that they are closer to the real life working world than other education platforms and we work with employers continuously to help young people into apprenticeships just like the all year round recruitment merry go round that exists after education.

Since opening we have already helped 100 achievers to complete an apprenticeship and start their working life, and we are keen to develop even further and work with as many young people as we can to be a part in their journey.

Apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity for many people and we are keen to hear from anybody who is interested at a time that suits them.
If you are interested in apprenticeships, or know somebody who is, then you can give our advice line a call on 01142 288 588 or click here to find out more information

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